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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Serame Foundation.
Please contact us if you would like to donate your skills or services to Serame Foundation.
Wish List
  • Sanitary Pads ( Child headed families, Disadvantaged families  & Orphanages )
  • Toiletries ( Child headed families, Disadvantaged families  & Orphanages )
  • Computers ( Teaching basic computing, computer programming, graphic design and coding to disadvantaged communities)
  • Stationery ( After school programmes, Schools & Educational holiday activities)
  • Clothes ( Child headed families, Disadvantaged families  & Orphanages )
  • Food ( Child headed families , Orphanages and After school programmes)
  • Furniture ( Child headed families & Orphanages )
  • Canvas Boards ( Disadvantaged communities, Educational holiday activities, Orphanages & schools)


Our unique value proposition as an organisation is the skills development programs that we bring to these communities. The programs we bring are an enabler which creates self-substance and opportunities to generate income.

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(+27) 065 999 1366